As a qualified, experienced teacher I am in a position to support trainee counsellors/therapists with their studies up to and including level 6 training.

Bespoke. Accessible. Contextualised.

What it is

I can offer support with the following subjects:

– Making sense of the requirements, including instructional wording (eg. identify, analyse, evaluate)
– Planning and structuring your assignment
– Understanding and using citation/referencing
– Writing critically and applying reflective models to your work
– Developing reflexivity

I also offer support with the research projects that are typically part of a level 4 diploma in counselling.

What it’s not

I am an experienced teacher and I am well versed in supporting students without:

– Contributing to the originality of the work (I won’t give you the answers)

– Coaching you to pass as a way of avoiding criticality (I won’t help you to jump through the hoops’)

– Guarantee a particular result (I support the process; you produce the work)


1:1 support ensures that the focus is completely on you and focused on your particular needs. However, if you prefer, I am happy to consider working with small groups in order to spread the cost out.

Hourly fees are £40 per hour session. Group fees are also £40 per hour, with each person paying their share.

Interested? Feel free to get in touch!

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